Cabbage Island

Mt. Baker and Tumbo Island from Cabbage Island, British Columbia
Mt. Baker and Tumbo Island from Cabbage Island, British Columbia

Tiny 4.5 hectare Cabbage Island, known for its sandy shoreline and lovely views, is cradled by the eastside of Tumbo Island. Tumbo Island is perched on the northeast shore of Saturna Island and is another lovely spot to explore.

There are no hiking trails on Cabbage, but you’re free to wander and sunbathe on the sandy beach. You can also enjoy a picnic at the tables or go fishing and scuba diving.

Cabbage Island’s marshes and stands of Garry oak, arbutus and coastal Douglas fir offer some of the most intact wetland and vegetation remaining on Gulf Islands. Bring your binoculars—the island is also an important nesting site for Black Oystercatchers and Bald Eagles!

Cabbage Island is a very popular location during the peak summer boating season. Our preference is to visit either mid week or slightly off season when the area is a little more peaceful.

Beware of strong north winds coming in off the Strait of Georgia, we have had a few very restless nights at anchor.

Getting to Cabbage Island:

To get to Cabbage Island you’ll need a powerboat, sailboat or kayak. The closest boat launch is Winter Cove on Saturna Island. There are 10 mooring buoys in nearby Reef Harbour.


  • an information shelter
  • pit toilets
  • picnic tables
  • wilderness campsites

There is no water available and fires are not permitted. Fees are charged for the use of the campsites and mooring buoys from May 15 to September 30.