Boats at anchor on Russell Island
Boats at anchor on Russell Island

Recreational opportunities abound in the Gulf Islands, and not surprisingly many of them are dependent on the sea that circles their shores, constantly inviting land lubbers to “come out and play”.

So, not surprisingly, most Gulf Islanders own a boat of some sort, and most visitors to these islands look out to sea at one time or another and wish they were out there. Then they usually do exactly that.

Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, diving, boating and moonlight cruises are common activities. However, recreation on land is even more varied.

Exploring by bicycle is popular and rewarding, hiking offers opportunities to slow down and see flora and fauna otherwise missed, as well as to gain stunning mountaintop views, camping, bird watching, beach combing and swimming also are enjoyed by most. The Gulf Islands National Park also boasts many kilometers of hiking trails through beautiful forest offering stunning views and access to tide pools and rocky points.

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